Digital Electronic timers are essentially quartz clocks with special electronics, and can achieve higher precision than mechanical timers. Electronic timers have digital electronics, but may have an analog or digital display.


Industrial timers timers are implemented as a simple single-chip computer system, which can be programmed as per our requirements and with help of which can set the time for operation of particular action.


We provide timers for industrial applications As desired time can be set within a range of 0.1 s to 9,990 hrs by time setting and time unit selection.


We offer a wide range of timers and counters that are known for their optimum performance that is manufactured from quality electronic material. Available in various specifications and excellent durability. High precision and accuracy as microprocessor based. These can be customized as per the specifications of our clients. Better process performance as adopting advanced control algorithms.


We thrive to provide technologically correct and financially viable real time solutions in the field of Timers Service Provider, Distributor, Trader, Supplier & Expoter.