Rubber Industry

Automation Solutions for the Rubber Industry


Automation and machine manufacture in rubber industry comprise the manufacture of new machines and remodeling of old machines and technical rubber product lines. The remodeling of existing machines is often cheaper. But it is not often the best solution as changes in technology often require the modification of the entire machine construction.


Rubber industry struggle to maintain a workforce big enough to meet their production needs and brave enough to handle the working conditions.



  • » Increase in productivity,
  • » Increase in product reproducibility and product quality,
  • » Decrease in the influence of human factors on product quality,
  • » Facilitating operatorsí and maintenance personnel work,
  • » Increase in safety at the workplace,

Rubber Industry

We thrive to provide technologically correct and financially viable real time solutions in the field of Rubber Industry.

  • » Injection Moulding

  • » Cutting & Finishing

  • » Gluing & Dispensing

  • » Flaming & Painting

  • » Assembly

  • » Packaging & Palletizing

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