Commercial Buildings

Automation Solutions for the Commercial Buildings

Reduction of operating costs, safety, power management thereby optimizing energy usage and increasing profitability are the essence of the subsistence of a commercial building. Convenience at its best, making the aforesaid happen, does ensue with industrial automation solutions. We operate with the motto of enhancing convenience, security, and creating green buildings cost effectively, exploiting green energy, thus improving your business efficiency and reducing overall operating costs, at the same time contributing to a green environment. Innovation, taking into account occupational health is what we always deliver in every project consummated on time. With our cost effective value addition commercial automation solutions, you get true value for your money.


Lighting control of the complete space with green lights, board room and meeting room power point control, projector monitoring, fire and smoke detection, online video surveillance (CCTV, etc), tracking of your inventory, alarm controls, power usage monitoring, custom security system, and more – our commercial office automation solutions encompass all.


Building Automation Sectors

  • » Power management, thereby saving energy and saving money
  • » Contribution to a green environment and saving on operational costs
  • » Enhanced productivity through value addition
  • » Central monitoring and control central system
  • » Control of complete space with the touch of the icon or button
  • » Enhanced aesthetics on interior décor, turning it more attractive
  • » Keep tab on the progress in your office/space and veiled threats
  • » Cost effective automation solutions ensuring true value for money

Commercial Buildings

We thrive to provide technologically correct and financially viable real time solutions in the field of Commercial Buildings.

  • » Hotels.

  • » Individual commercial space in malls & buildings.

  • » Complete malls and trade buildings.

  • » Offices related to all industry segments.

  • » Factories.

  • » Schools.

  • » Institutes.

  • » Hospitals.

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