Poultry Farming

Automation Solutions for the Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming Automation can be automated according to the Poultry specifications. Poultry Farms accessories, including Silo Weigh System, Nipple Drinking Systems, Poultry Cages, Climate Control, Automatic Pan Fedding System, Fan Pad And Cooling System, Egg Collection Systems & Trolley Feeding System


Poultry Farms Accessories Controlled by Systems:

  • » Silo Weigh System.
  • » Nipple Drinking Systems.
  • » Poultry Cages.
  • » Climate Control.
  • » Automatic Pan Fedding System.
  • » Fan Pad And Cooling System.
  • » Egg Collection Systems.
  • » Trolley Feeding System.


poultry farming is a delicate process, it is crucial to have effective equipments to ensure the process of inspecting chicken feed and eggs, and the overall sanitizing procedure are done properly and efficiently. Technical equipments such as mechanized egg washing apparatus, automatic feeder, slaughter machines and animal inventory devices have to be chosen carefully in order to fulfill the demands for safe farming.

Poultry Farming

We thrive to provide technologically correct and financially viable real time solutions in the field of Poultry Farming.

  • » Environmental Monitoring

  • » Automatic Feed

  • » Security/Surveillance

  • » Egg Inspection

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