Home Alarm System

Home Alarm System is a unique electronic security system that provides you multiple layers of protection.


A smart way to safeguard one's home, We introduces its Home Alarm System. Armed with one of the most sophisticated technologies and a user-friendly application, this device is a deterrent to any attempts of break-in to one's house.


Home Alarm System acts as your virtual security guard throughout the year keeping your worries at bay whether you are at home or away. It is manned by well trained operators to remotely monitor all alarms and take appropriate action in case of emergency situations. Additionally, Monitors health of the system on a daily basis. The health check involves battery level, tampering of the sensors and equipment, trouble reports from the sensors and fault indication on the panel.



  • » A tension free mind
  • » Wireless system - easy to install and easy to operate
  • » Virtual security guard that does not sleep
  • » Alerts in case of intrustion and possibility of fire-outbreak even before it starts.
  • » Alarm generated is loud enough to be heard by the neighbors and the security guard
  • » Built-in tamper sensor triggers an alarm if there's any attempt to tamper with the device


  • » Glass Break Detector
  • » Motion Sensor
  • » Smoke Detector
  • » Door Sensor

Home Alarm System

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