VESDA System

VESDA (Very Early Sensitive Detection Alarm System) is a laser based smoke detector, which means it is a very good smoke detector! VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in specialist fire detection applications for over 20 years. VESDA is the most advanced aspirating smoke detection equipment in the fire industry. VESDA smoke detectors hold more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detectors in the world.


How does VESDA work?

A VESDA detector is much like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks air from the protected environment via purpose built aspirating pipe and fittings and samples the quality of air passing through the VESDA detection laser chamber.


Where do we use VESDA smoke detectors?

The aspirating smoke detection market has change over recent years. VESDA smoke detection was traditionally used for specialist smoke detection environments


VESDA smoke detection is now used more extensively in non specialist fire detection application and of course the traditional specialist market


VESDA detectors are normally used where high smoke sensitivity is required


VESDA detection works far more efficiently in area where there is high air flow, such as computer rooms, Telecoms etc!


Why do we use VESDA?


VESDA Detection for Warehouses

VESDA smoke detection is a suitable replacement for conventional smoke detection where accessibility is limited. VESDA detection will be better suited to a warehouse with smoke detectors situated at high levels. Conventional smoke detectors can become faulty and access equipment will need to be deployed, this can be extremely disruptive to operation and it is also dangerous. VESDA smoke detection eliminates this issue as the aspirating pipe work will be located at high levels and the VESDA detector will be located at accessible levels. Aspirating pipe will replace the smoke detectors at high level, with holes in the aspirating pipe replacing the smoke detectors. VESDA smoke detectors have 18000 events log memory. Smoke levels can be tracked and identified against time and density. Commissioning VESDA should include measure smoke tests. There are different tests for different applications, these are measure with a set amount of smoke and readings from the VESDA detectors tell us how the system will perform in a real life situation!


VESDA Detection for Cold Rooms

VESDA smoke detection is commonly used where temperatures are not suitable for other types of smoke detection. Cold temperatures will ice up the optical chambers of conventional smoke detectors rendering the system useless. VESDA detectors are located outside the cold environment, with aspirating pipe work located within the risk or outside the risk with capillary smoke sampling heads located within the risk! The cold air is then drawn to the VESDA smoke detector and is naturally heated before it arrives at the VESDA laser chamber. The condensation is collected at a condensate water trap and dry air arrives for sampling by the VESDA detector. In extreme cases air dryers may be needed, but in the most, are not required for the VESDA system!


VESDA Detection for Computer Rooms

VESDA detection is ideal for area that have high airflow. Conventional smoke detectors struggle to activate with volumous air passing through their chambers. VESDA detectors draw smoke from the aspirating pipe and the holes in the pipe collectively capture the air and draw it back to the VESDA detector. Fire Suppression Limited have conducted test which conclusively prove that VESDA smoke detection is far more responsive than conventional smoke detectors. Measured tests again provide reports and samples of how the VESDA detectors will operate in a high airflow environment.


VESDA Detection for Fire Suppression Environments

VESDA detection with Fire Suppression is a fantastic combination. With ever increasing environmental responsibilities, it is essential that a fire suppression system should deploy unnecessarily. VESDA smoke detection use in conjunction with conventional smoke detection is a perfect match. Preferably VESDA detection samples the air across the return plenums of the air conditioning systems which provide primary smoke detection! An alert alarm can be raised and human intervention can prevent the gas from discharging! VESDA can also be used as a double knock system, which provides the most suitable fire detection model for any automatic fire suppression system!


VESDA Detection for Ceiling Voids

VESDA smoke detection is ideal for this, as the aspirating pipe work will replace the conventional smoke detection, with the VESDA smoke detector in an accessible location.


VESDA Detection in Lift Shafts

VESDA smoke detection for lift shafts enhanced that smoke detection within what is a high sensitive area. It also makes maintenance safe as the engineer will not need to get into the lift shaft for maintenance purposes.

VESDA System

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Where Used VESDA

  • » Warehouses
  • » Cold Rooms
  • » Computer Rooms
  • » Fire Suppression Environments
  • » Ceiling Voids
  • » Lift Shafts