Planetary Mixer Vacuum Type

A planetary mixer is a device used to mix products including adhesives, pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, electronics, plastics and pigments.This mixer is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes (up to 6 million centipoise) under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Capacities range from 1/2-pint through 750 gallons. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, vari speed drives, etc. are available.The blades each rotate on their own axes, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providng complete mixing in a very short timeframe.


Vacuum type planetary mixers are designed for mixing ointments, paste, wet mass, cream and dry powders. The rotation mixer uses gear transmission to drive two impellers rotating in the same directions, producing the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. Both impellers revolve around the mixing tank and bring the materials inside for complete mixing. The innovative vacuum design mixing helps to achieve homogeneously mixing results.


We specialize in manufacturing vacuum type planetary mixers for pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemical industries. The excellent deareation system integrated in the mixers prevents the paste from becoming lumpy. Trouble free motor drive ensures smooth and consistent performance of the mixers. Our range of planetary mixers can be customized to meet the specific mixing an blending requirement of the customers.


Features :

  • » High shearing force compared to conventional mixers
  • » Easy installation without tools
  • » Trouble-free AC Motor Drive which does not require carbon brush replacements
  • » Easy dismantling for the purpose of cleaning & sanitizing

Planetary Mixer Vacuum Type

We thrive to provide technologically correct and financially viable real time solutions in the field of Planetary Mixer Vacuum Type Manufacturering, Supply & Expoters.

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